Hypertropin by NeoGenica

NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. is a fairly new company started in 2004 as an offspring company to a reputed Chinese biopharmaceutical giant. It was primarily specialized in IGF-1 production but later added Human Growth Hormone to it's production line.

Hypertropin is the name of NeoGenica's 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone (identical to human body's own HGH). It is one of the most potent brands of HGH on the market today. It is created by Secretion technology which is the same method used by US and EU HGH manufacturers like Serono, Genentech, Eli Lilly,..

Extreme tests have shown that Hypertropin remained potent at 37 degres celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) for over 30 days. At extreme temperatures up to 45 degrees celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) Hypertropin remained potent for over 7 days. For longer storage Hypertropin should be stored in refriegerator between 2 - 8 degrees Celsius (35 - 46 Fahrenheit). In such conditions it remains potent for over a year - untill expiration date printed on the box.

official website: www.hypertropin.com