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Buying liquid HGH for Injection
Liquid HGH is very sensitive to heat, losing potency if not kept at a temperature of 2-8 degrees at all times, even then becoming useless after around 20 days. Its sensitivity also extends to vigorous movements, such as shaking, which can shatter the fragile links between atoms of the molecule. For those two reasons it is very unlikely that a liquid form of HGH can be delivered to you by postal courier (which is the standard practice when buying on the internet). If they put it on dry ice it is too cold, and HGH is destroyed, if they let it overheat, it is too hot and HGH is destroyed, if they shake it a lot, drop it, etc.. it is destroyed.

If you are buying on the black market again, do not buy the liquid form because you can never be sure if it was properly stored, or if it's not expired. If you get it out of a pharmacy store or a reliable deler then it could be OK.

HGH Spray, HGH Pills
HGH is large, fragile protein molecule with a molecular weight of 20,000. It contains 191 amino acids in an exact sequence, with many fragile cross-linkages that give it an important 3-D configuration. Its only source is from human genes, using very expensive and meticulous recombinant DNA technology. HGH from any other source, even from other animals, does not work in humans. There is no other source of HGH. There is absolutely no naturally occurring plant source of HGH. HGH must be made using human genetics. The only safe form of HGH is made by splicing human genes into bacteria cells or embryonic mammalian cells, and then growing those cells in a culture media.

True HGH can only be absorbed in effective amounts by injecting the pharmaceutical grade of HGH, which is expensive and only available on a doctor's prescription. It CANNOT be absorbed by mouth, by SPRAY or by the sublingual route. Various forms of human growth hormone (HGH) are being marketed as a nasal spray, oral spray, tablet, powder, or capsule. Full page advertisements for such products have been seen in major newspapers. The facts must be addressed in scientific and legal terms before any such claims can be believed. In fact, in my opinion, they are all scams.

HGH Releasers
Most so-called HGH releasers are composed of amino acids, primarily L-arginine, in large doses. A heaping teaspoon of L-arginine on an empty stomach will increase HGH release by the pituitary gland in a young person by up to 25%, for only a short time, and only in those people who already make a lot of HGH on their own and don't need any more. It will not cause HGH to be released to any significant degree in an older person, when it is needed to prevent accelerated aging. The small releasing effect is progressively lost with age.

HGH releasers are non specific. They also increase the pituitary release of ACTH, causing an increase in adrenal cortisone production. Cortisone (cortisol) speeds aging while giving a temporary boost in energy and well-being. For this reason you might encounter testimonials of immediate "feel-good" effects of such products. That is unrelated to HGH.

HGH releasers have the same effect as ghrelin, an appetite stimulating peptide hormone. HGH releasers therefore increase appetite and cause weight gain.

Some so-called HGH releasers contain raw animal brains, listed on the label as "hypothalamus" or "pituitary." The theory is that they contain a minute amount of GH releasing hormone (GHRH). Raw brain tissue is the primary cause of mad cow disease, scientifically known as spongiform encephalopathy or Creutzfeldt Jakob disease. This is true of all so-called glandular products with freeze dried brain or pituitary ingredients.

The effect of HGH releasers gradually fades with time, over a few months - called tachyphylaxis.

Online sources of Lyophilized recombinant HGH
Lyophilized (white dry powder) HGH can be stable at room temperature for long enough to be transported to you, however be very very careful who you buy from. Because real HGH is a very expensive medicine there will naturally be plenty of counterfiet merchandise all over the black market. The internet is also full of outright scammers who will appear as a normal online pharmacy, even charge credit cards, offer prescriptions and when you actually make a "purchase" they are never to be heard from again. Some may sell expired, misshandled (improperly stored) merchandise. If you are lucky or inventful you might be able to buy directly from the HGH manufacturer, pharmacy or an anti aging clinic (use your local yellow pages). If you send an email to the manufacturer they should be able to instruct you what the proper way to obtain their product is.

Unknown HGH Brand
Producing real HGH is not a piece of cake and cannot be done in a bathtub pharmacy (like many steroids can). The equipment alone is worth multi millions. Any company which can afford the equipment, can afford a proper brand name, recognition by FDA equivalent of the country in which the product is manufactured, etc.. Check "Human Growth Hormone Brands" link on top, to see a list of all known and safe brands.

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