Ansomone by AnkeBio

Ansomone is manufactured and distributed by Anhui Anke Biotechnology. AnkeBio is a China-based pharmaceutical company. Because GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has the patent for manufacturing HGH by secretion technology in China, AnkeBio cannot manufacture their product through such a pure and effective means. Rather, Ansomone is manufactured by Inclusion Body technology.

Tests performed by independent researchers have shown that Ansomone is a good quality HGH drug. However, HGH that is created by Inclusion Body technology is not identical to human GH. HGH must be identical to GH produced naturally in the human body in order for it to be effective. HGH manufactured through Inclusion Body technology has been known to cause a person to build up antibodies against the drug, causing allergic reactions in some users and neutralization of the drug in others.

On their website, AnkeBio markets Ansomone as somatropin. However, somatropin is the scientific name for HGH that is manufactured by secretion technology. The actual product for sale through AnkeBio is somatrem.

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